Eating Right from Conception to Delivery

This month, I’m having hunger pangs but I also make sure that whatever I eat will have a positive effect to my child’s development. I’m sure every mom-to-be knows the importance of maintaining healthy habits and of nutrient-rich foods to keep their babies healthy for the next nine months.

As for me, my doctor advised that planning for healthy meals during pregnancy is actually easy. These are some of the essential nutrients to sustain good health and make sure of optimal pregnancy result.

Calcium – Sources of which include yoghurt, cheese, milk, sardines, fruit juice and soymilk.

Folate – This is important for organ formation and cell division preventing neural tube defects in your baby. Sources of folate includes spinach, asparagus, dried beans, breakfast cereals, broccoli and citrus juices and fruits.

Iron – To avoid anemia during pregnancy, consider eating foods that are rich in iron: fish, chicken, liver and red meat. My doctor shared to me the importance of iron-rich foods because my baby also needs to store iron for the next six months before he/she can begin consuming solid foods. Non-heme iron sources: green leafy vegetables, egg yolk, dried fruits.

Vitamin B12 – Needed for blood formation, sources of Vitamin B12 include meat, poultry, eggs, milk and fish.

So yeah, good thing I have a very supportive husband and knows the importance of food safety. We see our doctor regularly too. Share your pregnancy experience with us here


Week 5 Pregnant: Welcome Motherhood!


Few days before writing this post, I took my second pregnancy test and it shows a positive result. Yay!!! Such a good news to announce.  It has always been our dream (me and my husband) to have a baby to complete our family. I just couldn’t contain the happiness that I am feeling until today. It all started from having a missed period, breast sensitivity, lower back ache, abdominal cramp. Plus, not to mention that I am feeling tired most of the time. Like really tired. I think I don’t own my body anymore. Silly J Could this really be it?

Hubby says “let’s go visit a doctor”. I tell you he’s more excited than I am.  I see so much joy in his eyes I hope this is really true. And so, we ended up researching for OB-Gyn clinics in town. My first priority was really Dr. Ann Tan coz I heard a lot about her from Elle, a good friend of mine so I called up their clinic for an appointment. I am feeling overwhelmed, excited, scared and God knows what’s next. Thankfully, my husband told me he’ll free up his work schedule so he could come with me during our check-up.

When we’re in the clinic, we waited for a while as the staff says that Dr. Tan is still talking to a patient. Just to check things out, I walked around the clinic and was smiling seeing some women with really pregnant bellies. Haha. Then, when I was inside the room, which appeared to me super comfortable and big, the doctor confirmed that it’s been 21 days past ovulation already. OMG. Can you believe that? The baby’s development is just so amazing. How can one tiny person be here in my body? My husband cried as he hears the heartbeat of our little miracle. I did too. I can’t wait for the time that I can carry this baby in my arms. Soo happy.

It’s my goal to have a compilation of my belly picture. So yes. Welcome motherhood.


Five weeks and I haven’t fancied anything to eat yet. I am enjoying the moment. This baby is my early birthday gift and since I want to do things right, I’m reading books to figure out what to do when my D-day comes. Haha. Whether this baby is a boy or girl, I am totally excited. Will try to update you guys again next week or so.